About Us

Who we are?

We are socially responsible and emotionally invested fashion entrepreneurs. We want to contribute to the creation of a society that respects differences and celebrates diversity. We sell positivity, strength, and love and not just a garment.

How we are?

Dressing styles have been an expression of attitudes and ideologies of a community. We want to provide people with clothing choices that accurately express their attitudes and opinions. T-Shirts to us are the means to embrace the idea of an evolved world order that is free of antiquated prejudices. That is why, to begin with, we have chosen T-Shirts (we nicknamed it Thought-Shirt) as a printed canvas to express oneself. Moreover, we have chosen a black and white combination to express further how two opposite colours can create a harmony when put together. We call it Day & Night Series.

Who is our customer?

Anyone who respect differences and celebrate diversity. Anyone who wishes to participate in creating the equal society. Anyone who believes that they are a unique individual and can’t be caged by any stereotype.